About Bishop Butler

Bishop Butler is young, but he knows what he wants in life. He is currently focused on his education and work, hoping to graduate college and get a position in a field that appeals to him. Once he has accomplished that, Bishop plans to make his mark on the world with that position. He may not have his life fully mapped out yet, but with the drive he has, Bishop knows he can do big things.

He is an excellent student and accomplished individual. He attended Benton High School, located in Benton, Arkansas. There, he graduated in the spring of 2020 as a straight A student. This was an impressive accomplishment, as it came during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, Bishop was a National Merit Scholar Finalist. This means that he had great grades, high PSAT/NMSQT test scores, and accomplishments that helped him stand out from his peers. In everything he does, Bishop strives for excellence and looks to help others achieve success as well.